Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sister companies featured together in fashion look book

William Halstead (right) and Joshua Ellis (left) fabrics stand together in a fashion look book for 2011

William Hlastead boating stripe cloth was featured in this 2011 look book for a customer in New York. The suit worn on the far left, is that of sister company Joshua Ellis,

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Milano Unica - Ideabiella September 2011

Milano Unica is the biggest show of the year for William Halstead and we are proud to exhibit at Ideabiella in February and September. This season we were particularly busy at the show seeing roughly 60 top customers from around the globe.

We share our stand with our sister company Joshua Ellis

The collection was well received and in particular our Winter Mohair flannels, Coatings and new stock service all Wool “British Classic” bunch to add to our range, and our vintage looks in the suiting collection. All of which can be viewed at our website

We were happy to see new customers from Russia and China and happy as always to see our existing customers that come back to see us time and time again. The quality of customers at the show is particularly appealing to William Halstead and this is why we feel that this show is better for us to exhibit at rather than Premier Vision in Paris.

We are now busy getting our priority selections out to customers and look forward to our agents in Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong/China  showing this seasons collections around the marketplace.

Munich Fabric Start September 2011

Munich Fabric Start in Germany was the first show for William Halstead this season. Our representative Jane Cook attended the show with our German contact Matthias.

William Halstead are pleased to announce that we have have officially appointed a new agent in Germany named Ivo Voehringer who will also be looking after Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland for us. His details will appear on our website in the near future.

We saw many customers from all corners of Europe and our presence at the show is going from strength to strength and is helping build solid relationships with new and old customers.
With the launch of our new stock service bunch "British Classic" later this month and our brand new Travel suit range coming in November this was an exciting prospect to deliver at the show. For more information visit our website

Although Munich Start is not as popular as Premier Vision Paris or Milano Unica for William Halstead it is an important show as we can meet many customers from smaller markets in Europe who don't travel to the bigger shows in Italy or Paris. This is our third year at Munich start and we hope to continue to grow our business and presence in Europe continuing to exhibit at this show.

We are busy now preparing our selections to send out to the customers and are eager for Ivo to start showing the collection around market.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Campaign For Wool

HRH Prince Charles visited Bradford in November 2010 in support of the Campaign For Wool (to which William Halstead are brand supporters) to meet industry workers, and William Halstead were invited to a special gathering at the Town Hall in Bradford.

HRH gracefully met with Iain Milligan and Philip Seal from William Halstead and spoke for a few minutes about the Mill and the history behind the company. He was particularly interested in the archive book on display that shows designs from every cloth we have ever made from 1875 to present day. He then met with other representatives from local companies in the industry and proceeded to Haworth Scouring for a tour of their production plant.

The Campaigns website is and is doing magnificent work to raise the awareness of this magnificent fiber

William Halstead first blog

Hi There and welcome

Our first blog will be a little introduction into who we are and what we do.

So our Company has been running since the year 1875 ina small town in the North of England called Bradford. We are the world's finest weavers of super mohairs and fine worsteds. Our company name is William Halstead and our website is

We make cloth for mens suitings and we are very good at it. Our customers are worldwide and we have one of the best reputations in the industry for producing the highest qulaity products. These cloths grace the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York every season for the world's leading fashion houses. We are owned by a textile group named SIL Holdings also based in Bradford which like William Halstead is a family run business.

Some other companies in our group are Chalres Clayton Joshua Ellis Roberts Dyers and Finishers Abbotsford 2010 and finally John Foster

Twice a year we show a collection at the fabric shows Munich Fabric Start in Germany and Ideabiella in Italy where we meet the most prestigous brands in the world and they make selctions of our collection.
We also run stock supported bunches all year round available direct form the mill in British Mohair and British Super 120's. We also have a new bunch which will be available at the end of September called Explorer.

We have excellent loyal customers who come and see us at these shows and without their support we would not be here today. Our biggest market would be South Korea and we are known as the biggest mill in this market.
Other good markets for us are Italy, Japan and increasingly in the USA.

Using technology and social networking websites we can also be found on Twitter and our username is @WilliamHalstead.
We also have a Facebook page which is

Please sign up to this blog and we shall keep you posted on our world of textiles and the generations that we are weaving together.