Monday, 24 October 2011

Customer Designed 100% Bespoke Suit Lengths Made by William Halstead - Number 1

New Bespoke Fabrics - Made by William Halstead

I am delighted to inform you that J. H. Cutler is now offering new truly bespoke fabrics by William Halstead exclusivley in Australia designed to your specific requirements that you can order for your next bespoke suit.

You can personally design the fabric, with John's input if required, to feature any colour or combination of colours, any pattern and any weight.

We will then hand produce the fabric on a wooden 100-year-old sample loom at the Bradford mill in West Yorkshire, England.  A town that has been producing woollen fabrics since the 18th century. It’s the old style wooden loom that allows us to produce the relatively small quantity required for an individual suit.

Bespoke fabrics such as this have featured in Hollywood blockbusters, fashion catwalks and celebrity fashion shoots.

An esteemed client of John's for many years standing has already ordered William Halstead's first length of bespoke fabric that is currently awaiting delivery.

Each Suit length is limited edition and comes numbered with a certificate of authenticity and special woven label inside the presentation gift box. 

We will keep you informed on progress, but if you would like more details on this exciting development exclusively from John H Cutler in Australia please call John on 02 9232 7122. Or for the rest of the world contact

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