Thursday, 12 July 2012

Purple Mohair

A few short months ago we took on a special project for Michelsberg Tailoring which was to create a purple mohair cloth for a customer’s wedding suit.
We were given a colour to match to by the customer from a suit he had seen on the internet.
Using our specialist finishers we got to work creating samples of cloths in various shades of purple for the customer to approve.
We were able to offer a 60% Mohair 40% super 100’s wool cloth in a piece dye (X1850V/Natural) and yarn dye (8975/16771G)
The difference being between the cloths is that the 8975 quality has a black warp and gives a slightly different effect on the finished cloth.
The cloth we chose to dye was the lightest grey in the bunch which is shade 8975/16771G/G1.
On approval from Michelsberg Tailoring we proceeded to dye just 3.5 meters of cloth for the individual suit length.
After being created into a wonderful suit by Michelsberg Tailoring behold the finished product which we are really pleased with.

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