Monday, 6 August 2012

Luxury Fabrics meet the Countess of Wessex

Luxury Fabrics were honored to accept an invitation from local business Haworth Scouring to attend the opening of their new showroom named "The Wessex Room"

The event took place at the Haworth Scouring production complex during the day and various companies from the trade gathered to greet the Countess on her visit to open the showroom.

Martin Curtis (Pictured - far right) Managing Director of Curtis Wool Direct Limited asked if we could display some of our cloth for the event which we were delighted to do. Other companies had also contributed to the new showroom and some of the design idea's were truly brilliant.


Whilst talking with the Countess we were able to explain about the company Luxury Fabrics and the brands William Halstead, Charles Clayton & John Foster. The countess was very keen to know more about us and even asked if we were the producers of the Wessex Tweed cloth....Maybe some day!


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