Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Luxury Fabrics September & October

During the months of September we have seena huge surge in requests for our brand new ranges from Charles Clayton and John Foster and also for our new bunch covers from William Halstead.

Over 250 tailors around the world have requested these ranges and we are pleased to announce they have begun to arrive into stock. We are still waiting to recieve the new Super 120's bunch from William Halstead, the Platinum - Super 200's bunch from John Foster & the Masterpiece - Super 150's bunch from Charles Clayton. This will take our range to 11 stock service bunches with 2 more being planned for 2013.

We also have travel sets on the way to accomodate the travelling tailors.

The new covers for William Halstead's Explorer bunch & British Mohair bunch are pictured below.  


The new ranges for Charles Clayton are pictured above, There is the Savile Row - Super 130's bunch and also the Grandmaster - Super 180's & 10% Cashmere bunch.

We have also been busy creating a Luxury Crest card for all three brands so that when we recieve a draw sample request we are able to supply the swatches on branded crest cards pictured below.

Matthew Simpson from John Foster was invited to attend an award ceremony in New York to recieve an award on behalf of John Foster from Saks Fifth Avenue for the number 1 fabric.


We have also been invited to join Woolmark Gold, the symbol of Luxury & Quality.

We have also been busy travelling visiting the tailors in and around South America, Paris & London and are set to make furutre trips to Turkey, Germany, Australia, The Middle East, Russia & The Far East in the coming weeks once the remainder of the bunches have arrived.

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